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Devuan Debootstrap Scripts

These are the scripts which I run to install my distro. It is relatively minimal and should be configurable. It doesn't use any proprietary repositories and never will do so. It might even become a new distro someday, but that is currently unlikely.


More screenshots


This is a work in progress, use at your own risk. It is never bad to install it in a virtual machine first.

  • The default wallpaper (FDLv1.3 licensed): https://www.gnu.org/graphics/wallpapers.en.html

  • Requirements: Debootstrap and a working distro, live-USB or netinstall

  • Licenses of these scripts: GPLv3

  • You can configure many things - preferred editor, web browser, terminal,…

It is highly recommended to read (and edit) the config.sh file before executing. The installation will happen on the partition with the label which you specified in the config. Make sure that the directory where the scripts are in is called "scripts". This is currently important.

Download this repository

The installation

Labeling the partition

You can set a partition label with the tune2fs command.

tune2fs -L yourlabel /dev/sda1 
# Make sure that you pick the right partition.
# The lsblk command lists all your blockdevices.

Run script (make sure that you are in the scripts directory):

chmod +x install.sh && ./install.sh

The default logins

username password
root root
user user

You will be asked to change your password after the first login.

The install script prompts for

  • It will show you some perl warnings and dialog warnings, you can safely ignore these. They happen because the locale isn't set and because we use readline instead of a dialog program.

  • Keyboard layout

  • Grub device - Should probably be the drive which you install this on. For example /dev/sda

  • Console-setup - UTF-8 is the option which many distros use

Changing the username

I think that many of us (including me) want a different username as "user". Don't worry we can change it by adding the next command to the after-install.sh file.

Change username:

usermod -l yourNewUsername user

Launching openbox



  • Swapfile support

  • GPG guide for the README - Debootstrap needs the right GPG keys if we want to install the distro in a secure way.

  • Make it more customizable - For example make it possible to set the emacs config in the config.sh file. It currently uses my emacs config and that is no good. People deserve the freedom to choose.


Contributions are welcome.

I want to keep the project minimal, customizable and relatively user-friendly. ALSA and other stuff can be added, but I don't want it in the default setup.